fucking autistic about this orb but if you asked me to go on a ramble i would not get a single word out bc it's so much so that's why this page exist like...this is all you need to know about me and my personal thoughts is built off of this hunk of metal ever since i was 9, best way to describe him is my childhood sweetheart

but if you're done just slap this button


There's no way im normal about this machine oh my god,, but ya like i said he's basically my childhood sweetheart. usually when i express love for him im worried about people thinking it in a sexual way which like no ew ?? i tend to forget that's what people first think of when you mention you love someone

I remember my child self being so obsessed with him, as with any favorite character. I learned how to draw him first thing I can and studied all his details, which even now I can draw him just fine! (although i admit nowadays i just simplfy A LOT of details) Even if I haven't seen a photo of Wheatley in a long time. I think I made several flipnotes on my DSi with drawings of Wheatley too and I think about that I lost that art a lot

It's funny I bring this up but I also shipped Chell x Wheatley !! (yes I did read Blue Sky) It's like the few "straight" ships I actually think is goated like oh my god any nonhuman x human ships (of course within reason and consentual) is so awesome and makes me think a lot. Just the concept of "thing learns to love" brings comfort to me since I also struggled being dehumanized when I was younger.

Best way I can describe this love is sentimental. I reconize he's not real and honestly feel horrible he's just stuck in space, bros just a bit goofy I would go bonkers too if I got control of Aperture LOL like??? who fucking wouldnt and start doing some crazy shit

ACTUALLY THAT FCKING REMINDS ME OF THE THEORY THAT THE ??? THING GLADOS IS USUALLY HOOKED UP TOO does drive you crazy, ik most likely GlaDOS ends up "okay" with it at the end is literally just because she's used to it and got rid of her human side that gets hurt from it. That also brings up another popular theory that Wheatley used to be a human too! Like it just sounds in character cave would throw in employees' brains into a floppy drive and shove em in a orb to keep the robot wife (tm) in check instead of making shit from scratch. Like Cave just HAS a history of sacrifacing his own workforce especially at the end when everythign was going to trash. God. Would be great and all if that didn't imply Wheatley is just a british man /j

He even inspired a whole character I have named Rru! (personality wise) Rru is the protgonist of Eden: Lepidoptera, a webtoon series I have, and honestly she does bring that same sort of comfort too. Sometimes I can't stand unhappy endings for my favorite characters and go down a rabbit hole now we got phos from lotl and wheatley as a creature

like I said, Wheatley as a concept, is very sentimental to me and honestly I just run back to him everytime I need comfort. Especially just reminding me of more simplier times. I often cry about it a lot.