YAAAAAA putting some of my art here, of course i cant fit years and years of stuff on here but i'll manage to put some recent stuff im proud of LOL but however if you do have the urge to see more just look at my tumblr teehee :p keep in mind that i don't draw illustrations super often literally bc im booked on comics and animations BAHBHABDWHE

but if you're done just slap this button


Wanted to seperate these from the ref post lol


A LOT HAS HAPPENED and basically i keep getting depressed and what not and so on and busy with social media lol but i did make a bunch of refs fro my characters! I really want to make this site mobile friendly while keeping it's quirks but...it seems a bit impossible to do that. I've been on tumblr (pxstarru) because i crave human interaction LOL I still need to make amphetamine's though and i just want to put their pages onto here. If i get that firgured out i'll just migrate to github or something because I already own a domain and just need to hook it up and whatever techy bullshit i dont give a shit about


ya i made art for my shrine LOL you can click the image to go to it if you're interested


this just in, pasta figured out they can just img url the well...image and not have the file on here ya know WOO MY BRAIN FUCKING WORKS LETS GO anyways this is syrina, he's a part of the eden lepidoptera comic and im struggling my ass drawing him in there but i made this bc ppl wanted something outside of it LOLL


Yin (left) and Squid! (right) being emo gays whatever, dw about their relationship it's healthy in their own weird ways


promo art for an animation i posted! it was the rabbit hole animation that's going everywhere so i made one with one of my sonas, now i gotta restraihn myself from giving this one lore and accidentlly making another oc


me and uh me :3


squid! as an inkling bc oh my god splatoon splang huerghergerui (foams at mouth)